Monday, July 26, 2010

I felt all good but now I feel deflated.

I felt like I had a really good day food-wise. I ate smaller meals and healthy foods. So, as soon as I got home (after dinner), I jumped on the scales only to find that I had put on 1.0 Kg since last weight day (6 days ago). It has crushed me but then it was pointed out to me that I probably didn't drink enough water today - and, I didn't!

I also don't normally weigh myself after dinner - I am a morning weigher.

I also didn't track properly - I just tracked in a rough way in my head.

I also haven't had the best days overall in the last six.

So, I can't expect to have dropped a heap of weight.

It comes down to doing to program properly.

I am not chuffed that I have come here and to the weightwatchers website to realise this. I just need to keep plugging along. Doing the timeless tasks that work for so many...

1. Tracking
2. Drinking water
3. Exercising

It is a constant struggle for me to track properly all week. I need to keep fighting that struggle and will get there!

I tend to be okay with water and then sometimes let it go - I need to be more persistent with this also.

Exercising is really good sometimes and sometimes it doesn't happen much at all. I need to get better with this too.

Good thing there is so much room for improvement or I would feel really disappointed if I put weight on - at least now I can see why.

The future is positive -- perhaps I should change the title for this post that I wrote at the beginning.

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