Saturday, November 27, 2010

On the way

Well I am very proud of myself!

I usually am fantastic at committing to my weight-loss plan but slow to gain much action. Well, not today - I have just come back from a one hour walk to the shops and came back with a very heavy bag of groceries. And, I got salad and no junk into my grocery bag too.

I puffed, felt the muscles in my legs, got a red face and sweated!! I had to get out of my comfort zone (living in a popular tourist destination means that I had to walk past about 100 people in bikinis during my walk).

Husband asked me to get two things for him - smokes and potato chips. I thought hard about not buying both but I ended up only buying him the smokes. He needs to sort that one out or, at least, I will support him when he is showing signs that he is really ready to give up - I know he will not go past the end of the year still being a smoker - he is very strong.

I didn't get the potato chips...yay! Firstly, I sad no in my head because they are a waste of points (excellent thinking) but then my brain said "It's only one bag and he really likes them before dinner". Writing that here seems ludicrous! But, it seemed to make sense in the shop. Anyway, so I let that silly talk make sense to me in the shop and I had a look at the bags of chips. I thought about the other things I had in my trolley - milk etc and thought a bag of chips is only going to get crushed on my walk home. So, I looked at the Pringles and they were too expensive. I decided not to get chips for those reasons - another positive of going for my walk :). One day the right thinking will be part of my shop though.

On the way home, I thought about drinking water and remembered two other things I get into my head when I am losing weight:

(1) I am only going to drink water and have the odd glass of juice for a treat, with only one alcohol day per week - only when I have something to celebrate; and,
(2) I am going to slow down and enjoy every mouthful - I didn't realise how fast my eating had gotten again until I had dinner with some friends the other night and had to slow my self right down so I didn't embarrass myself.

I also planned our dinner on the way home: Fish with coriander and lime dressing and a big green salad. I might have a small portion of oven-baked hot chips ready for husband when he gets home so that he copes with a light dinner.

5.8Kg is definitely going by the end of January.

Where I'm at...

I haven't blogged for a long time because I haven't made much progress. Once again, I let work take over my life. Well, work is finally winding down now. I do have about four days left of marking, marking, marking and 1.5 weeks until holidays start but I can see that the end is near. So, now is the time to make my health a priority and to get that habit to stick before I go back to work.

I have exactly 8.5 weeks until I have my official start back to work :). That is plenty of time to get out of this plan what I want to AND WILL lose 5.8 Kg in this time. I am not worried about Christmas parties, New Year parties etc because I have in the past been able to control these and I have plenty of time exercise etc when I am on holidays. If I haven't lost 5.8Kg by 15 January, I am going to make a significant change to my life - whether that is going on the Doctor's recommended shake diet, changing jobs, paying big dollars for a personal trainer or something else. I don't really want to do any of those things. What I want is to get back into the Weight Watchers program which has worked for me in the past. And, I know it doesn't work with just doing exercise, it doesn't work with just tracking - I need to do both.

I do have 29.3 Kg to go until I get to my ultimate goal - the reason for my 5.8Kg goal is because the doctor has said that she would like me to lose that before I start to try for a baby. I need to go back to her and get my moles checked etc but I don't want to go back until I have lost my mini goal so I can make plans with her about my awesome, baby-filled future!

I also want to learn something new each day and challenge myself to do something new or that scares me every few days. Even though I feel frumpy and yuck, I know as soon as I start eating well again, drinking water and exercising I will start to feel great and I want to enjoy each and every day that God gives me.

Dream list:
Sometime in January 2011...I will reach 91.5Kg (my 5.8 Kg goal will be smashed and I will have lost a total of 10.1Kg)Sometime in April 2011...I will reach 86.5Kg (a total of 15.1Kg)Sometime in July 2011...I will reach 81.5Kg (a total of 20.1Kg)Sometime in October 2011...I will reach 76.5Kg (a total of 25.1Kg Sometime in 2011...I will fall pregnant and be planning the next stage of my life.