Sunday, August 1, 2010

have been so sad...have wasted this weekend

I finally feel like I have some perspective on things now - when it is almost time to go back to work again!

I have been so sad because I have so much pressure from work at the moment. I have so much assessment to write and then later mark, so many lessons to plan, a camp to go on for a whole week, environmental day to plan plus many other things. And, when I am at home and have all of these things buzzing around in my head, I have had so many piles of washing to do and floors to mop.

The fact is though, all of those things are going to still be there no matter whether I have a defeatist attitude or a positive attitude. I am also not the only person in the world that works. I have to just face what I have to do, do what I can and forget the rest and smile while I am doing it. And, make sure that the smile is genuine.

My mother has also added pressure to me this weekend and it hasn't been good for my eating. I ate seconds for dinner because I knew I had to ring her back. Then I had to kind of hang up on her at the end because she was on a rampage. Once I hung up, I then went for chocolate. I have been so in denial about emotional eating - but I clearly do it.

I also found out that a wife of a friend of my husbands has lost heaps of weight doing weight watchers. And, my first reaction was - "I know when she started - that is not fair - she has done so well - I have stayed the same that whole time!" But I should be happy for her - and now, I am. I should be excited that the program works - and I am now. I should realise that she probably did her exercise, tracked and drank her water. The formula is there and it is mine for the taking. The formula has to be my priority - all of the other stuff will carry on in the background but this has to be my priority.

My plan tonight is to work on my ironing, mopping and schoolwork until 12.00. Then, I'm going to go to bed and have a little bit of "me-time" with a little bit of reading in bed - whether I have finished all of my chores or not.

Parent -teacher interviews till late tomorrow night - yuck!

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